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Horner Millwork Trimwork

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Trimwork is the icing on your house’s cake. It’s that little extra something that gives a room an upgraded touch. While crown moulding is one of the most popular forms of trim, there are all kinds of ways you can use trimwork to up the wow factor in your home.

Here are some ideas and inspiration for using trimwork in your living spaces.

Paint your existing trimwork. You may not have to pound a single nail in order to maximize the benefits of trimwork. Painting your existing trimwork can make a huge impact. Often, trimwork is painted using the same color as the walls, but with a glossier finish. Use a brighter color to really make it pop.

Install wall panels. Wall panels are making a comeback in interior design. They add elegance and are reminiscent of an age where woodwork was truly celebrated. If you can, choose panels that echo surrounding features, such as windows or doors.

Trimwork galore. You can add trimwork to walls, ceilings, and windows so there’s nary a drywall section in site. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. Create a vision and then work towards it incrementally.

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